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search engine optimisation

Full service Search engine optimisation solutions

We offer a full spectrum of services for search engine optimisation. We use a well-planned strategy, designed around your business, its services, and your competitors.

Competitor & Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation is to understand your industry, competitors, and the keywords your customers are searching for.

Brand Authority

Brand Authority is one of the major ranking factors Google uses when it ranks websites for SERP results. Building a good brand authority is the backbone to SEO success.

On-Site Optimisation

Having a website is great but how easy is it for Google to read? Most SEO problems arise from poor website structure and missing sitemaps, and robots files blocking crawls.

Local SEO

Optimising your Google My Business profile and pointing the best quality NAP citations are where it all starts with local SEO. Let your customers easily contact you and find your business.

Content Marketing

So you have an SEO focused website and optimised content. Great! But you’re not finished there. It’s time to build a strategy that will drive organic traffic to your website.

Link Building

Link Building is where the magic really happens. We build links to your website from high authority, top ranking, niche relevant websites to boost your Google rankings.
SEO & Web Design

“I already have an established photography business but the resources and SEO services provided have pushed my marketing through the roof. I’m now spending less, but making more!”

What is Search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising and boosting the content of your website so that we can increase the quantity and quality of visitors (traffic) to your website through organic search engine results.
SEO & Web Design
SEO & Web Design

Our Search Engine Optimisation approach?

Our approach to SEO is tailored to your business needs. We don’t just ‘get on with it’, We work with you so you can understand the process of search engine optimisation. The steps we make and why we make them. Then formulate an SEO strategy to help you dominate Google and other search engines.

Steps of Search engine optimisation

The most important step for us is to understand your business and the industry you work within. Then we want to gather an understanding of your current SEO rankings. We run several audits of your website to better understand its strengths and weaknesses. Then with competitor analysis and keyword research, We can start working on your SEO strategy the best way to attack Google and take SERP rankings.
SEO & Web Design
SEO & Web Design

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Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be confusing. Google changes its algorithms several times per year and that means staying on top of your rankings. But with our support, you can understand search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation or commonly known as SEO is the process of improving a website’s content, so it is more visible to search engines like Google.

SEO involves the improvement — or “optimisation” — of a page’s headings, text copy, images, page title and meta description. It also optimises links to internal and external web pages.

Through Strategic search engine optimisation, We create authoritative content that provides the best possible answer to the questions a client’s customers are asking.

The results of well-practised search engine optimisation services will be a website ranking at the top of Google — and an increase in organic traffic and leads or sales.

Throughout 2021, our clients have seen on average a 46% increase in organic traffic. Alongside a 23% increase in conversions. This level of growth is impressive considering organic traffic, in general, has seen a decline due to the growth of zero-click searches and decreased click-through rates from the search results pages.

Your dedicated SEO consultant will keep you informed and provide you monthly reports. You will be able to contact them via email at any time if you have questions or require an update.

Your Search engine optimisation team may comprise of several digital marketing experts from within our agency, each working on an element of your SEO campaign. Rather than you having to talk with each one and agree what work needs to be done, your Dedicated SEO consultant will communicate with them on your behalf so that we’re all on the same page.

Each month end, you will also receive a report that details the work completed, what the next months plans are and the current ranking, traffic, and performance of your website.

Any agency that tells you they can guarantee you ‘top of Google’ is deceiving you. Nobody can guarantee rankings, because simply put, Google is constantly updating their algorithms and there will always be uncertain fluctuations. We never guarantee particular rankings. 

Our aim as an agency is to increase organic leads, conversions & revenue. Something we have a proven track record in achieving. 

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy. It can take months, and sometimes even years, for efforts to fully come to fruition. It all depends on how competitive the search results are for your industry, and what the key elements of the strategy we need to focus on are.

As we mentioned, Google algorithms change regular, so it’s important to remember that SEO is never “complete”. It needs to be worked on constantly in order to keep ahead of the competition.

Search engine optimisation and pay-per-click are two different matters. Google Adwords other paid media solutions work together to boost your website and position your brand as an authority in your industry or niche.

SEO often gives you a far better return on your investment by comparison to paid media options. That’s not to say that SEO is easy. Search engine optimisation takes time and resources to get it right but it’s long-term rewards are far more sustainable than pay-per-click.

That said, During the initial launch of a campaign or new website, SEO and paid advertising will work together to provide the best results.

Search engine optimisation is a multifaced practice that requires many different actions to be taken on a website for it to be optimised for search engines.

Many people correlate SEO with high-quality content as search algorithms have highlighted content as an important ranking factor. Algorithms are looking for content that answers the users’ search intent. If your content speaks directly to your audience, your website will be served up to users by Google.

However, content alone isn’t great SEO practice. We need to boost the content with links from authoritative external sites pointing them back to your website, known as a backlink.

Added to this, best practice SEO includes on-page optimisation which means optimising your meta content, images and tags.

And finally, consider the technical aspect of SEO – does your site have a great web design? How’s the User Experience (UX)? Is it easily navigable? And have you made sure to link your pages internally?