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The 8 Week Link Building Process To Dominate Google!

So you've finished your sexy new website!


But how are people going to find it?


It all starts with the right link building progress, right!

Recently, I've been spending hours watching SEO videos and live streams.

Chris M. Walker, Craig Campbell, and Chris Palmer all have some incredible SEO tips and tricks for you to try today.

One thing I've been cherry-picking from some of these videos in the best link building processes that the leading Done for you SEO Consultants are using to dominate Google right now!

I've used those backlink tactics, to put together an 8 Week link building process, that will have you dominating Google in no time.

I'll even include some services to get you going right now.

Let's get started.

Table of Contents

Link Building: My 8 Week strategy to fly up the SERPs

link building

Before we jump right in,

I’m going to presume you’ve already built your website!

If not, Don’t worry.

You can take a look at my guide on how to start a small business website.

You’d of also written at least one pillar piece of content.

Pillar or ranking content is a substantive and informative piece of content on a specific topic, that can be broken into several sections.

For example, my Guide to Local SEO is a piece of pillar content.

Basically, it’s a long piece of content that you can turn into many smaller pieces.

I then use that guide to break into more blog posts, such as my blog on 5 steps to setting up Google My Business, videos, social media updates, etc.

These posts further enhance the optimisation and content delivery throughout my website.


Week 1 – Build Social Profiles

build social profiles

I mean it’s great you have a Facebook page, It’s an incredible way to engage with your potential customers or followers.

But, there are so many more channels you need to be utilising too.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to name just the other big players.

Social profiles are also incredibly powerful when it comes to ranking in the search results too.

Simply put, your social profiles influence the content of your search results.

In fact, social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names.

Try it, do a search for a big brand on Google. I’m sure you’ll find the company’s social media profiles appearing in the top 10 search results.

Social profiles are generally more intimate than web pages, and in today’s social network world, that’s exactly what your clients are looking for.

There’s no doubt that your social profiles matter to Google and especially to people who are looking for you online.

Social media is also one of the most powerful ways to push traffic to your website.

As such, it pays to be active and engaging on your social profiles. Share your latest content and be responsive to comments and questions.

Added to this…

Did you know Facebook is the 4th largest search engine in the world?

Yes, social networks are search engines too, and having a profile is basically like having a Google My Business account.

So, in week one, set up your Social Profiles. Be consistent with the same profile image, same descriptions, and contact details. Include your NAP where possible, and of course, you need a link to your website.

Haven’t got the time to do all that by yourself?

Get in touch with me today and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Week 2 – Start Link Building

SEO & Web Design

So now your all set and excited about link building to your new website.

Your website has had a week to settle and your social profiles are starting to be generated.

Now it’s time to start sending links to those social profiles.

That may sound strange, why would I send links to my social profile, not my website?

Well, link building is also about Google’s trust flow, right?

The more trust your website has, the more likely you are to start ranking from your brand.

Social media is the best place for you to gain that trust.

Foundation link building

It’s no secret that Google loves quality link diversity.

A range of different links, from different websites at different powers.

Foundation links are what they say on the tin basically.

They provide a starting point to your link building process that you would naturally start getting from a wide range of sources. This is usually like when you start adding your site to online platforms, such as leaving your link in forum comments, profiles on websites, and when people naturally link to your website when they recommend you.

Effectively, foundation links allow you to get your strategy into action before you jump onto heavy link building such as PBNs, Guest posts, and larger quantity blog comments, etc.

As a warning, If you get this wrong, you could easily end up with a penalty from Google.

Especially if you start off building too many links in a short period of time.

The SEO Store’s foundation backlinks, is where I’d be heading, to make sure you don’t get on the wrong foot with Google before you even start.

Remember, send these links to your social profiles.

What is a Niche Edit Link?

We want to start with some high-quality, Tier 1, niche edits, or link insertions.

Niche edit link building is a powerful tactic to place a contextual link to an existing blog post or page on an already ranking website. Manual niche edits are gained by reaching out to websites directly and asking, or more likely paying, to get your link added to a relevant post on their website.

These can be very difficult to find and because your website is new and fresh, you may need to speak with 100s of website owners until one will accept your link.

Personally, I’d recommend you try this service from the SEO Store.

By employing a niche edit specialist, it will save you a ton of time and money, as they’ve already spent years building up that trust with other website owners.

Again, a gentle reminder to send these links to your social profiles, not your money site just yet.

What is a citation?

Next, we want to ensure our brand is spread across the worldwide web through quality Citations.

According to Moz.com,

“A citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.”

Effectively, the easiest way to achieve this is to list our brand on as many directories as possible.

This is naturally very time consuming, To build out 100+ citations can take weeks.

Naturally, we don’t want to send your URL entry to our social profiles, this should be your homepage. Citations need to follow the exact match of your Google My Business. However, if they allow you to insert social profile links, then take full advantage of that.

Week 3 – Link Building to your homepage

link building to your website

It’s time to start building authority on your actual website this week.

Have these links, at the stage, sent to your website’s homepage to build your brand authority.

Link building at this stage will be catered to gaining the highest quality backlinks possible and setting out the velocity (the number of links each week) in which your whole strategy will follow in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, We don’t want to hit our website with too many links too early.

A great starting point would be to write a Guest Post on another website.

What is a Guest Post?

Simply put, guest blogging or guest posts is where you write content for another website.

Generally, guest bloggers write articles to submit to other websites relevant to their niche. This has several benefits:

  1. To raise awareness about your business or website
  2. To Attract traffic back to your website
  3. And, to boost your domain authority, by using external links from a high-authority domain.

Similar to gaining a niche edit link in week 2, Guest Post publishing can be very difficult to land because your website is new and fresh. Other website owners need to see that you are expert enough in your field for them to share content on a website they’ve taken years to develop and maintain.

Added to this these links really do need to be of the highest top tier quality, from highly rated relevant websites.

In time, you’ll easily gain those placements with no problems, but for now, I’d be leaving it to SEOs who already have those relationships.

The SEO Store’s Guest Post service is my preferred choice.

To not overdo it on link building at this early stage, place just ONE link insertion to your homepage.

What is a PBN?

This next step to your link building process is to start introducing the power of PBNs.

Ensure it is a top-quality top tier mind!

A Private Blog Network is a group of websites used to build links (and therefore pass authority) to a single website for the purpose of powering search engine rankings.

There’s a lot said from the dedicated ‘white hat’ community about PBNs, but the simple fact is PBNs work incredibly well.

You may be thinking, Can you make my own PBN?

In theory yes. In reality NO!

Well, chances are not successful.

Creating a PBN is a full-time job in its own right, and unless you know how to work them correctly, it’s not worth the risk, time, or financial outlay in running them yourself.

The cost of hosting expired domains, and the time to run a network of 50, 100, or even 1000s websites, just is not worth it for the return.

It’s best to leave that to the experts who specialise in PBN setups.

Talking of which, one of the best PBN services I’ve used and come across so far comes from the earlier mentioned, Chris M. Walker.

Building on from Week 2

Trickle that Link Juice further by adding to the link building we started in Week 2.

Build some more Tier 2 backlinks in the same ways we achieved them for our foundation link building.

The link diversity will keep things looking perfect in the eyes of Google, and give you the desired link diversity to start getting noticed.

Week 4 – Continuation

SEO & Web Design

In week three, we’re going to replicate the link building process we laid down in previous weeks.

Build more tier two foundation backlinks and 1 PBN and 1 Guest post link.

However, added to that we’re going to enhance our social profiles, by sending some more links to them.

Week 5 – Introduce Secret Sauces

seo link building

Following again from week 4,

We’re going to push those Tier 2 links to social profiles and a single PBN top tier link to your homepage.

It may also be an idea to top up those citations, depending on the number of citations you have already placed.

We’re also going to again publish a Guest Post.

However, this time we’re going to send the guest post link to our ranking or pillar content.

This will be the first step in implementing our link building strategy to our other pages.

Why use PR for SEO?

The secret sauce to many SEO’s link building tactics is this special little nugget in the form of a Press Release.

Press Releases have been used by numerous SEOs for a while now.

Simply put, It just works.

I’ve been using this method for about 3 years now and have seen some incredible results for my clients and my own websites.

PR has many incredible benefits to your website’s link juice and brand authority. As well as a great way to share your latest service or product to a worldwide audience.

A good Press Release service will have you featured on major broadcast news like FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, And you’ll be able to proudly showcase the “As Seen On” badge on your website to build credibility, and hence boost trust which leads to conversion.

Added to this, A quality PR will provide:

  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Massive Ranking Boost
  • Increase GMB Rankings
  • Massive Distribution with Contextual Anchor Text Links

The last bullet point is key to your link building process.

A Great, SEO focused Press Release, such as those provided by the SEO Store – see here, will provide you with hundreds of high authority tiered backlinks to your website is a beautifully managed and natural way.

What are Social Signals?

So we have really started to bump up our link building campaign.

You’ve landed some powerful links and now your first major PR.

Google is now going to be looking for social signals coming from your content.

Social signals are essentially a webpage’s collective shares, likes, and overall social media visibility.

Are people talking about your brand or published ranking content?

These activities contribute to a page’s organic search ranking and are seen as another form of citation, similar to backlinks.

Your website will hopefully generate natural, social signals from the content you are sharing on social network sites such as Facebook.

But, that most likely at this stage is not going to be moving any needles for google.

To help that needle bend, head over to this cheap service here and give those social signals an extra boost.

Week 6 – Watching Movement

SEO & Web Design

Week 6 is when you should start seeing some movement in the search engine results.

All that hard work with your link building is starting to pay off.

However, you can’t now just sit back and think it’s working, that will be enough!

Remember, linking building is an ongoing, lifetime process for your website.

So this week, we’re going to continue pushing links to your social profiles, you could increase this say 2-4 top tier links now.

Added to this,

Implement another Top tier Guest Post link on your homepage and a Top tier PBN link to your pillar content.

Week 7 – Continuation

Week 7 is effectively just the same as week 6.

However, instead of 1 PBN and 1 Guest Post, we’re now going to double this.

Personally, I’d place 1 PBN & 1 Guest post on each of my homepage and the ranking content. This will keep a good distribution of different link building across the website nicely.

Week 8 – Keep Link Building

SEO & Web Design

Been a long 49 days so far right?

Well, the good news is hopefully by now you should be seeing the needle changing on your web rankings and Google is showing your website on the upper levels of its search engine results.

With that in mind, it’s time to feed the hungry beast (Google) more food (content).

It’s time to launch another killer blog post to use as pillar content and start the link building process all over again.

Well, kind of.

You have already placed the foundations for your brand so we can virtually skip, the first few weeks and jump straight into starting with another Press Release.

Place your PBN and Guest post links in the same way as you did in week 7.

This time using your new pillar or ranking content for link building.

Finally, push those Social Signals again.

Final Thoughts

Remember, link building is very much quality over quantity.

Diversity in your link distribution is so important.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s why I use several SEOs services instead of just one person.

But ensure you use the highest quality links only.

Want to digest all this again?

Chris Palmer has this two-part video, using a very similar link building technique.

Finally, that is not the end.

Keep the 8 Week Link Building Process To Dominate Google going in the cycle, and you’ll start dominating SERPs for your niche.


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