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What Is WordPress And How To Set It Up

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WordPress is one of the major platforms that you must master if you want to promote yourself or your business. With over 400 million users, WordPress helps you build a website without using codes or design. 

It gives you the liberty to create any website of your choice by following a simple process. You can use it for e-commerce, blogging, galleries, portfolios, etc. Regardless of the type, WordPress offers all the resources needed to create an excellent website. 

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that aids you in publishing content online. About 40% of the websites on the internet were built using WordPress and their relevance continues to expand. 

Are you ready to learn more about WordPress and how it works? Read till the end to discover amazing details about the platform. 

Table of Contents

What Is WordPress? 

WordPress began in 2003 as a blogging platform but it has now grown into a Content Management System (CMS). The WordPress software is written in PHP scripting language and everything about it is stored in the database. The beauty of WordPress is that the hosting company handles all the technical parts of running the website. 

WordPress transcends beyond location and culture, it offers you an option to pick the language of your choice. Also, you can easily upload your content regardless of where you find yourself. This platform allows you to create professional websites requiring little or no technical knowledge in web creation. 

This system distinguishes itself by offering you the freedom to create your website in whatever way you desire. With its unique features, you can get your website to rank well on Google and gain more authority. 

Why WordPress Stands Out Against Similar Platforms- The Features 

Among other platforms such as Drupal and Joomla, WordPress stands out with its peculiar feature that allows beginners to create a website without requiring any knowledge of programming. 

why use wordpress

Although both Joomla and Drupal are free to use, they require that you have prior knowledge about PHP programming language, HTML CSS, and other technical subjects to create a website. However, other platforms such as Squarespace require that you pay. WordPress distinguishes itself in various areas that benefit its users. 

Here are the peculiar features of the WordPress platform: 

Open Source and Free

Although you would have to pay little for web hosting, WordPress never requires you to pay to use the platform. It is open-source software that you can share and modify as it is accessible to all. WordPress already has a system that ensures that it gives you an unlimited number of resources to create a website that suits your niche, taste, and preference. 

Theme System

WordPress contains a directory of themes that would help you handle the design part of your website. These themes are easy to use and they help you to create a beautiful website that draws the reader’s attention. You can upload a suitable theme by clicking a button, and in a short time, you can transform your website with the right themes. 


This platform contains a whole lot of features that you can tap into. There is a plugin directory for every feature you are willing to expand on WordPress. You can add social media widgets, complex galleries, spam protection, calendars, and even forms to enhance the general functionality of your website. WordPress also helps you in handling Search Engine Optimization(SEO) through specific plugins that help you rank well on Google. 


Based on the popularity of WordPress, it gives you access to a supportive and active community that is ready to help you rise. If you ask questions on the support forums, you can easily get help from a volunteer. To gain more knowledge about the workings of WordPress, you can attend a Meetup or a Wordcamp where you can gain tutorials and read blog posts to increase your understanding. The community is at the heart of WordPress. 

Publishing Tools   

What’s the essence of creating content that you cannot manage properly? WordPress considers this to help you create a working structure to ensure effective content management. 

You can create content drafts, make a schedule for your content and look out for post revisions. It empowers you to either make your content private or public and also secure the pages using a solid password. 

Benefits Of WordPress 

From the unique features of the WordPress platform, you can easily deduce that it has enormous benefits that users enjoy by using it.

Here are a few: 

WordPress benefits


The WordPress platform is easy for beginners to use and set up by themselves. All the features that you require to keep your account up and running are accessible and visible. 

You need a domain name, web hosting that you can install using your hosting provider or one you upload directly. Afterward, you gain access to the Admin dashboard that contains all the necessary details to help you use the platform effectively. 

Easy Installation 

Installing WordPress requires no special skill or expertise. If you follow the necessary steps, your website would be ready for your audience to visit and use. 


If your company has specific needs and requirements, WordPress has a flexible nature that allows you to build around it. The source files are easily accessible with numerous themes that you can customize at your convenience. It also contains premium and basic plugins that you can use in whatever way you deem to publish your content on the internet. 


WordPress is highly beneficial because it uses plugins that help extend the functionality of your website. You can find up to 100 plugins on WordPress that contain extra features that would enhance your site. If you are not satisfied with the plugins that you find on WordPress, install custom plugins from the third-party developers that would suit your needs. 


WordPress covers various niches that you can conveniently choose from. Although it supports blogging, it is not relegated to only that use. 

You can also use it for more complex sites such as e-commerce stores, multinational operations, or even use it to host a social network. It has grown beyond its initial focus on blogging to include other functions. 

How To Set Up WordPress

Setting up a WordPress website is simple and it requires you to go through five steps that would give your space an excellent look within a short time.

how to set up wordpress

Man of these steps we will cover in more depth throughout this How To Make A Small Business Website guide.

However, just to recap, here are the easy steps to take in setting up a WordPress website: 

Choose A Domain Name 

Read in more detail in Lesson one.

For your audience to find you easily, you have to choose a domain name. This name is what your readers use to identify your brand and it’s the address that is used to access your website. 

Make sure that your choice of the domain name is available and it has not been chosen by others. You can use Bluehost to check for a suitable name. Settle for a “.com” name that your audience would easily remember.  

Select A Hosting Provider 

Read in more detail in Lesson one.

Your hosting provider is responsible for the technical aspect of putting a WordPress account together. There are different packages that you can choose from. This step requires that you pay for web hosting but if you use Bluehost, you can get a free domain name and an affordable web hosting plan that would provide for your needs. 

Install WordPress And Pick A Theme 

Read in more detail in Lesson three.

WordPress would install automatically using your hosting provider. You have to just click the “login” button and choose an appealing theme for your website. Try not to fuss over the theme to use because you can still change it. 

Although it is still important, the content also contributes to how the website looks. If you prefer to use unique themes, then you can use premium themes rather than generic ones. 

Select Appropriate Plugins

Read in more detail in Lesson four.

After you select a theme, it gives you access to the admin dashboard. This is the backend of your website that allows you to regulate what your audience sees on your site. On this dashboard, you would find the space for plugins, install them to extend your site functionality and outlook. 

Customize Site 

Read in more detail in Lesson four.

When you are done with the other steps, the next thing to do is to have some fun on your website by customizing it. You can work on your color choice, font styles, and the unique elements that depict your company’s brand and personality. 

Then, you can dive into writing the content for your website. Make sure to use Google Analytics to track the progress of your website and how your readers respond to the content that is on your page. You can also link it to Google Console to make it error-free. 


WordPress offers you a wide range of options and functionality that would help you create stellar content. If you go through the steps on this page, you would successfully get your site to rank well on Google and also offer services that your audience needs. 

The process is an exciting one when the result starts to unfold before your eyes. WordPress is built to make you access a wide audience and readership that would access your products. If you are a blogger, you can even make money from it. 

Do you need more information on how to navigate the WordPress platform? We offer exceptional services in ensuring that your website is excellent. 

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