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How to Launch A new website and build an audience fast

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Ready to launch a new website?

To ensure that your launching process goes smoothly, we have helped you to decode the various tips that would make you reach a larger audience and also run an excellent website.

The littlest details that you might want to overlook are the ones that can affect your website. Mistakes on your website can feel like eating stones in food for your users, now, that’s not a pleasant experience.

If you want your website to win the hearts of your audience and search engines, then you must do thorough preparation before it goes public.

Here are a few points to note before you launch your website. 

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10 Things To Check Before You Launch A New Website


Make sure that there are no errors on your website especially on the key pages that users visit. Proofread the content as many times as possible, you can even get a fresh eye to read it for you to make sure there are no mistakes on it.

The font size must be consistent, allow it to contain plenty of white space, also check the images, audio, and video files.

Everything should work fine and contain the appropriate labels. 


Test For Usability

This has to do with all the functional aspects of your website.

The usability of your site is important for SEO both to search engines and in gaining conversions. View the website from the user’s perspective to know the overall experience.

Ensure that important details are clear, accessible, and functional to enhance user experience.

Get your images optimized for speed, ensure that all the call-to-action is working properly. 


Remember The Contact Page 

A contact page is an important part to include in your website but it can also be easily overlooked by most owners.

With a contact page, your audience would trust you better because they can get across to you.

Make sure that there is a visible contact page on your website with correct details that would help your users reach you without complications. 


Test For Compatibility With Mobile Devices 

Google focuses on mobile-first indexing which makes mobile compatibility an important factor for ranking.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and also easy to access on desktops and other devices.

The text on the phone should be an easy read on phones with consistent content on all devices that you use to access your site.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can help you check for this feature on your website. 

Check For Browser Compatibility 

There are different versions of your website that vary based on the browser you use. Depending solely on only your browser would fail to achieve this goal.

Make sure you test your website on browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Browsershots is a reliable free tool that helps open your site using different browsers from various locations. Afterward, this tool uploads the review to a server where you can access it. 


Run Compatibility Tests

It would be disastrous if the plugins on your website cannot interact properly with each other. Before launching, ensure that there are no glitches caused by a theme, plugin, or updates.

You can run a compatibility test using a tool like PHP Compatibility Checker. 


Double-Check URLs 

Most times, when a site is being moved from the staging area to production, you have to change all URLs.

You must check if all the URLs are correct using the live version of your website before you launch.

This way, your users would be directed to the right pages when on your website. 


Check Your HTML Sitemap 

Most developers include a sitemap in their SEO plugins that work automatically.

Make sure that there is a sitemap on the plugin and see if it is working properly.

Ensure it has all the necessary content before you launch a new website.


Handle The Legal Aspect 

Going through all the legal stuff for your website can be very boring.

However, if you don’t want to deal with legal issues after launching, you should handle everything properly.

Get the required licenses for plugins, images, fonts, and others.

Make sure there is a section for “Terms of Service” to break down your services in detail.

Other Legal stuff includes a cookie warning and a “Terms and Conditions’ section”. 


Remove Unwanted Plugins

It is possible that when you were building your website, you installed unnecessary plugins. You could have also seen that certain plugins affected the speed of your website.

Before you launch a new website, get rid of these plugins to make your page function effectively. 

After you’ve checked these on your website, You must arouse interest and get your audience anticipating your launch.

You are about to learn the best ways to go about announcing your launch.

Are you ready to find out? Let’s dive into it. 


Website Announcement Ideas For Your Website Launch

As much as you want to run around announcing your website on mountaintops, you need to be strategic to be effective.

Get yourself on all the social media platforms and spread the news about your website to all your followers. 

Create hype around the website launch weeks before you go live. Since you’ve checked for possible errors, encourage those in your network to spread the news also.

Here are some ideas you can use; 


Create A Coming Soon Page

A coming soon page helps to get your audience interested and also to take a particular action.

It is a temporary landing page that announces a new product or service. With this page, your audience can get an idea of what your website would look like and they know what to expect.

Use this page to get them to sign up, then start building your email list. 


Contact Everyone In Your Database 

Send a direct message to everyone you have on your database.

Allow them to know the specific time when your site goes live. Highlight the peculiar features of your site that would interest your audience.

You can even include a gift for everyone that provides valuable feedback about your site.

Keep them hooked and engaged even before you launch out. 


Use A Social Media Tease 

Social media is another effective channel you can use to announce your site launch.

A teaser is an interesting way to excite your audience about the impending release. Get on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your website and make them aware of the launch.

It would help you get the word out quickly and reach a wider audience. 


Hire A Graphic Designer 

Although you upload content for free on WordPress, investing in a graphic designer would go a long way in making your launching process effective.

Get a professional graphic designer to help you handle the visuals that you would upload on social media and also send to your database.

People resonate better with visual content and it would give your audience insight into your taste for branding. 


Maximise Social Ads And Organic Posts 

Social ads and organic posts would help you leverage your existing following and also increase your reach with your geographical target.

You can use social media to link people to your new site. If you don’t know much about social media marketing, it is best to leave the job for the professionals to handle.

Partner with agencies and freelancers that would help you use your budget minimally. 


Promote Your Site on LinkedIn 

Get your employees to create anticipation for their LinkedIn accounts.

You can get each employee to post weekly towards the time for the site launch.

This would help you get a wide range of people interested in your website and that is just what you need. 


Write An Announcement As A Blog Post

This is an important idea that you must use.

It is a juicy idea because it helps with your SEO rankings and also in publicising your company’s story to catch the attention of your audience.

Make sure that the key improvements and upgrades that come with your website are clearly stated for your users to know.

You should settle for a central space where all the information would be, it would make it easy for your customers to refer back to you when you spread the news. 


Involve Your Partners And Colleagues

Some of these people are actively involved in the creation process of your website, it is only cool that they get to check it out first.

If you organise a special party or gathering with them, you can get useful feedback about your website, and how it looks generally.

This way, they would help you identify possible problems that your users might have interfacing with your page.

After they’ve gone through it, you can launch your website. 



Launching your website is the most exciting aspect of your web creation, however, it can be the stage where you get doubtful of a lot of decisions you make.

You just have to breathe in and breathe out, take all of the steps in this article, and get your website running with mouthwatering content.

You’ll see your audience rushing in quickly with these announcement ideas that we’ve given you. 

After you’ve taken your time to check the site, let it fly.

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