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Choosing The Best WordPress Theme & Page Builder

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Your website is like a book and the theme is the cover. And, if the cover looks bad nobody would care to read its content. 

With the reduction of attention span, you have only 50 milliseconds to create an opinion about your site to your audience and your theme is responsible for that.

With thousands of themes and page builders for WordPress, you can get overwhelmed in making a perfect choice.

After choosing one theme, your eye catches another one that looks better and you are confused about the right one to choose. 

However, a page builder plugin was built to make your life easier by simply using a drop-drag functionality that allows you to create a smooth and attractive website.

Page builders come with various prices and features. 

We are here to answer this simple question: how do you pick the best WordPress theme and page builder.

This article contains important factors that you must consider before making your pick.

If you carefully consider each of the things mentioned in this article, it would guide you to select the perfect fit for your website. 

Are you ready to get over your confusion? These details are just what you need. 

Table of Contents

What Is The Difference Between A WordPress Theme And A Page Builder? 

A WordPress theme and a page builder perform similar functions in customizing the look of your website and its operation.

The Difference Between A WordPress Theme And A Page Builder

However, they differ in the way they work. 

A theme is a design with a precoded layout that requires no creative prowess to use.

It controls the display settings responsible for every post that you publish. It includes logos, typography, menus, color scheme, and widget selections.

They are all customizable. 

However, a page builder moves beyond the level of a theme to allow you to customize the posts and pages within your WordPress theme.

You gain more flexibility to use advanced customization features without creating new code. It allows you to simply drag and drop the elements that you need.   


Why Is Your Website Theme And Page Builder Important? 

You have to be extra careful when choosing a website theme and page builder for the following reasons: 



Most beginners lack a proper understanding of how a website theme and page builder can affect the overall site speed.

When a theme is coded poorly and packed with unnecessary features, the load time increases. No one is going to visit your website if it takes forever to load.

Website speed is also a factor that search engines consider to make your page rank. 



To safeguard your website from possible attackers, it is expedient that you pay close attention to your website theme.

When you fail to update the theme of your website regularly, you increase the level of vulnerability that it has to attackers.

Now, that means all your hard work would go down the drain. 


How To Choose A Website Theme And Page Builder 

Now, let’s look at the factors you must consider before choosing a website theme. 



Although WordPress has many themes that have tons of colors, attractive animations, and a complicated layout, you have to choose the design that suits you best.

In most cases, you don’t need all of that because the best kind of theme is the simple one. 

The design must support the overall goal that you are willing to achieve. Make sure you never trade great looks for an excellent user experience.

The presentation style of the theme must be uncomplicated and easy.

Include lots of white space and keep things simple. 

The major purpose of a WordPress theme is to make sure your audience gets their information easily. It should also serve as a template for site owners to fulfill their goals.

Remember, regardless of how beautiful the theme looks, if your users can’t find their way around your site, it is total crap. 


Responsive Design 

A responsive theme and page builder ensures that the layout of your website adjusts properly to all screen sizes and designs.

Most of the traffic generated on search engines is from handheld devices and mobiles. 

With a responsive design, you can read text on your screen without having to zoom in or out.

Also, the whole page must be within a clear view without requiring horizontal scrolling.

Another feature of a responsive page builder is that users would be able to select the navigation buttons without any hassle. 

You should check your website by using Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. This test usually contains some red flags that would help you choose the appropriate theme for your site. 


Compatibility With Plugins 

When you want software with extra features and functionalities for your website, a plugin is what you install. Most frequently used themes on WordPress have no problem with plugins. 

However, you can still check the features or simply ask a developer if your WordPress theme is compatible with the essential plugins you need. These plugins include Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, etc.

Try to avoid themes that are marketed as all-in-one because they have a high tendency of being incompatible with plugins.

Also, check the page builder and other plugins themselves to see if they were properly coded so it doesn’t affect your website. 


Browser Compatibility 

You must consider that your users would be using various browsers to reach your page. If you would serve all of them excellently, then you have to ensure that your website looks good on other browsers. 

WordPress theme developers test run their themes vigorously by checking if it is compatible with various browsers.

However, you can also run basic tests on them by using different browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.  

Test the website on various browsers using your mobile device also to check for its compatibility and general outlook.

This way, you would be able to make sure your users are settled by the choice of theme that you make. 


SEO Friendliness

For your website to rank on search engines, the theme that you use is essential. If your site takes time to respond, it would reduce its overall ranking on search engines. 

Also, if it generates poorly coded HTML, the website’s performance would drastically drop in terms of ranking.

There is simply no essence for you to build a site that nobody would use which is you must choose one that is optimized for search engines. 


Reviews And Ratings

If you are getting your themes from a third party, you would find reviews on it.

However, if you’ve decided to use free WordPress themes, you can find the reviews below the download button.

You would find the reasons behind the rating of the theme and it would help you determine the theme’s quality. 

You are not the first to use that eye-catching theme and you wouldn’t be the last.

This is why you must check out other people’s comments and opinions about the themes to ensure that you are making the right choice. 

Updated Development

When you choose a theme and page builder, ensure that the developer would constantly update its features especially for security reasons.

With an updated version, your website can adjust to SEO trends and new technology stacks. This way, your website can function effectively without being prone to attacks from hackers. 

You can check for active developers by typing the theme name + “Github” into the Google search engine. When you scroll down, you will find the changelog and the date of the last update.

That means that there’s a team that is constantly working on it. 



There are different page builder plugins and they vary in terms of price.

You would have to consider your budget and the money you have available before choosing the right one.

The same applies to themes, although WordPress has free themes that you can use if you decide to use premium themes, then, you would have to spend more money. 

However, it is difficult to judge a theme or page builder according to the price which is why you must rely on the general outlook to get the best.

If you require unique features using a page builder or premium themes make sure to invest your money into it. 

Our Recommendation

New WordPress themes are released daily, however, there are various reliable options of page builders you can choose from.

best wordpress theme

They include: 

  • Hello Elementor theme and Elementor theme builder 
  • Beaver builder 
  • Seed Prod
  • Themify builder 
  • The Divi Builder 

The Elementor theme builder is our first choice because it offers you more than 80 design elements that you can choose from.

With its templates that are ready to use, you can customize your content with ease.

It is highly responsive and constantly updated by the developers. 

Final Thoughts

Although the process of choosing a theme might seem stressful, you can breeze through it with the right information. We offer you the ultimate guide on how to choose a theme and page builder plugin.

With this article, we believe that you would be able to set up your WordPress account with ease and also reduce cases of further complications in the future. 

If you pay attention to all the factors, you would be able to set up your website in no time.

Also, our recommendations serve as a shortcut to help you achieve your goals quickly.

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