The Beginner's Guide on How to make a small business website

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Spoiler alert: this robust piece is much more than a guide; think of it as your best friend narrating a story to you on how to make a small business website. And boy, we are naturally gifted at storytelling.

So, sit tight; let’s help you simplify the processes of website design.

We get it; you run a small business and all the money you’ve got counts – even to the last cent. That’s why you are shrewd with your expenses and luxuries, eh?

We totally get you!

But do you know that online presence isn’t a luxury? Do you know that a website is as crucial to your business as your budgeting and feasibility studies?

how to make a small business website

If you answered no, let’s enlighten you:

This is not the 70s where everything was white and black. You see, we now live in a digital world brimming with creative and explosive innovations. As such, brick and mortar (only) stores are soon fading away. If you rely on such a business model, your well-laid venture will wither.

So, to meet up with trends and the digital age, you also need to flow with the current: move your shop online. And to do that, you need to start with a website. How so?

Your website is like a front desk officer that briefs your clients about your services. It tells your brand story and catapults you beyond your geological restrictions.

And once you appropriate your website, you can start thinking of:

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization,
  • SEM, Search Engine Marketing,
  • SMM, Social Media Marketing, and 
  • GMB, Google My Business.

Summarily, you need a base for your digital marketing, and your website is that base.

That said, know that building just any website would do your business more harm than good. For example, a poorly designed site will hurt your brand reputation, dent your sales, and negate your credibility.

More so, anything worth doing is worth doing well. So, don’t settle for poorly designed websites. Go for the best – your small business deserves it!

But how? How can you get the best website for your venture? How to make a small business website?

This robust guide has all the answers. And yes, we understand that lengthy articles can be a turnoff. Even at that, we wouldn’t let you lose out on a vital detail for your business.

For that reason, we have sorted this ultimate guide into categories that are detailed and snackable.

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How to make a small business website (in 6 simple steps)

Lesson One

Domain Names & Hosting

This lesson will acquaint you with the base of your website development. Here, you will learn what domains are and which is the best for your budget. Also, we will guide you on the best hosting options & providers you should use for your business.

Lesson Two

What Is WordPress & How To get set up

This lesson is a straightforward guide on why you should use a WordPress (WP) website. That’s not all; we also included why WP is best for beginners like you. Most importantly, you will learn how to get started with a WP business site.

Lesson Three

Choosing The Right Theme & Page Builder

Your website design and functionality are crucial to how prospects will react to your services. That is why we will explain how to get the best combination of the two features in this lesson with elements such as your theme and page builder.
Lesson four

What Is A Plugin And Which Ones Are Essential?

Here, we will discuss how a plugin can alleviate the pain of managing your business websites. We will discuss what tools are best for rectifying issues like page speed – and many more.

Lesson Five

Building Your First Website

This lesson is an elaborate one that will walk you through setting up a website. We will show the elements you need and how to use them. The best part: you will find videos to guide you through till the end.
Lesson Six

Launching Your New Website

After setting up your website, it is not ready and visible to your clients yet. Beyond the codes and design, you need to upload and launch your site. Those crucial details are what this lesson will discuss.

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