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10 Really Simple Ways To Get FREE Backlinks + 5 Bonus Tools

You know that popular saying that everything comes at a price. That's not entirely true.

Maybe the only price you would be paying for free backlinks is your time. With loads of time at your disposal, you can avoid spending a lot on backlinks.

When you follow the right steps, you can get backlinks for free.

Getting backlinks especially if you are working with an SEO agency can cost you £75-£300 per backlink.

That's a whole lot of money especially when you require multiple backlinks for your website.

However, with the proper content strategies, you can save money by earning backlinks naturally.

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What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that points to a page on your website. It links from a page on one website to another.

When someone links to your website or mentions your website on their blog, that means you have gotten a backlink from them.

Backlinks are an important part of building your website authority and increasing your ranking on Google.

Types Of Backlinks

There are two major types of backlinks: the Nofollow link and the Dofollow link.

The Nofollow link is a link that is ignored by Google’s algorithm.

These links are invaluable and less popular among website owners. It has been seen to have no relevance in increasing the ranking of your website.

Yet, I personally think any mention of your brand is worth having. After all Google love brand authority!

However, Dofollow links are the valuable links that improve your website ranking.

These links are organic and are easy to place.

The effectiveness of this type of link is based on the credibility of the site that links to you.

When a backlink is obtained from a respectable website, it increases your website authority.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Backlinks have enormous benefits for your website but you need to recognise their relevance. Before you start paying the price of investing your time to get free backlinks, you must understand “why”.

  • Backlinks can help you enhance your network. Most of the best ways of getting a free backlink involve you growing a massive network. When you step out of your comfort zone to get backlinks, it helps you build quality connections so that you can gain access to other opportunities.
  • When you get backlinks, it would help you understand your market and audience better. If you would even earn free backlinks at all, it would require you to study the interests of your target market. The knowledge you gain during this process would help you focus better on SEO.
  • Also, when you get backlinks, it would improve your SEO skills. The process would keep you updated on all the techniques that you can employ to stand out among other website or blog owners. Your skills would be sharpened and it would improve your overall website performance.
  • Last but not the least, backlinks are relevant to helping you build your website authority. Search engines start to translate that your site is highly respectable based on the pages that are linked to it. Now, let’s get down to the juicy part that would help you get some free backlinks!

10 Ways To Get Backlinks For Free

There are various ways you can earn backlinks naturally. However, you would be discovering the most efficient one that would help your website as a whole.

Create Relevant Content

Before anyone can even decide to link to your content, you have to make it worth their energy.

The most important aspect of getting high-quality backlinks is to ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience and highly competitive.

In the industry, you must create content that stands out and provides valuable information to your audience so they can naturally link to your work.

  • Include high-quality images in your post.
  • Make every word on your post earn its place in the article.
  • Your title must be compelling
  • Include a meta description that focuses on the subject matter.
  • Create content for the software you use and tag the company to reach their audience. 

Write Insightful Comments On Blog Posts

You can search for relevant blogs in your industry by using Google. Type the necessary details on the search bar, you would then find the time when the post was published. Afterwards, pick your area of interest and visit the page.

Make sure you read the entire content till the end and include your email address or company name.

Although this approach doesn’t contain most of the juice for backlinks, it would help you attract traffic to your site.

By offering valuable comments on blog posts, you can easily build relationships with those in your niche.

Pick out vital concepts from the content that interested you and identify the way it helped you. Use these comments as a way of leaving a mark on

Google about your site’s significance.

Ask Your Friends For Backlinks

If you approach your friends, family or even a web designer for backlinks, you’ve just saved yourself from a whole lot of trouble.

This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks for free but you need to ask them properly.

  • Make sure that the backlinks that you are requesting are related to your website.
  • Offer your friend value in return for the backlinks. This would increase your chances of getting it and also in accessing further opportunities.
  • Ensure that your requests are specific and clear to avoid getting messy details on your website.

Appear As A Guest On Podcasts

This technique allows you to talk about your website and get high-quality backlinks in the process.

Most podcasts are based on interviewing new guests, you can

always appear as a new guest. However, it requires that you are adequately prepared before you step out.

Here are a few tips you can use;

  • Listen to a podcast with a guest and be familiar with how they communicate.
  • Search for podcasts that are relevant to your industry
  • Study the proper process for applying as a guest on a podcast 
  • Afterwards, ask the host to include the backlinks to your website in their show notes

Interview An Industry Expert 

When you interview an industry expert, you gain access to various advantages.

You get to increase your knowledge and build a relationship with a leader in the industry.

Most importantly, the expert is likely to link to the interview using their social media or blog.

These are a few hints on how to go about it; 

  • Decide on the interview format that is convenient for you. 
  • Check out for credible industry experts using Google or Amazon. 
  • Boldly request for interviews and conduct it using Skype, Zoom or merely recording calls.
  • Publish the interview and contact the expert to link to your site. 

Guest Posting

If an article written by you is featured by another website containing a link back to your website, you’ve just gotten a guest post.

Guest posts can get tricky because Google can penalise you for using this strategy to build links.

Google has added that a respectable website should in no way increase your rank through guest posts. 

However, you can still find your way around it.

Pitch your content opportunity to the website of your choice within your industry, make sure the website has accepted guest posts in their previous activities.

Propose a relevant topic that is difficult to reject and offer them value that would help improve their rankings. 

Create Statistics

Another way to get free backlinks is to create statistics that people in your industry need.

The fun part of this is that websites would naturally link and reference your site using the statistics that you have properly researched. 

You can use either content explorer or Ahrefs to find popular statistical topics that people in your industry are linking to.

After you’ve gotten the appropriate topics, create content around it and include alt texts to your images so that you would easily appear on Google search results. 

Leverage Broken Links 

Broken links are super annoying especially when you are searching for important information on the web.

Various factors contribute to a broken link.

If a site was removed by the owner, when the domain name is changed or in cases where Google penalises the website, a broken link can occur. 

Follow these steps;

  • Make a list of websites that you can get backlinks from. Use a broken link checker to search for prospects.
  • Ensure that all the broken links are relevant to your topic. 
  • Re-create another version of the page
  • Reach out to the site owner with the broken link
  • Request that one of your URLs be used as a replacement. The best way to go about it is to send a brief and persuasive mail to the owner. 

Use Industry Forums

Joining industry forums would help you to increase your network, most importantly, it would help you identify the cogent topics being discussed.

Your job is to discover the problems within the industry and seek ways that you can solve them.

Drop insightful comments consistently on the forum and get people to trust you.

This way, you can easily get backlinks from the members by showing them the solutions to those problems through your site. 

Get Free Backlinks Using Infographics

When you create infographics using a platform like Visual.ly, it allows you to easily get a backlink from them.

This platform is a respectable one that can help improve your rankings when you earn backlinks from them. 

  • Ensure that you already have a well-written blog post. 
  • There are free templates that you can use to create infographics
  • Use an image that you can design to suit your topic
  • Make sure to upload the infographics to your blog properly
  • Ensure that it appears on the field that asks you to add the source URL. 

The source field serves as the backlink to your site. That is just what you need. 

Now, you have seen 10 different ways that you can get free backlinks, easy right?

Most of these methods would merely increase your relevance in your industry and make your network with others within it.

Remember that your SEO is almost as good as the backlinks you use. 

5 Tools To Help You Get Free Backlinks

You can even save yourself the time and energy that link building requires of you by using the right tools.

Do you want to join the league of experts that gain massive results through backlinks?

Then, you cannot rely on your knowledge alone, you need tools that would help improve the general performance of your site on search engines. 

Here are 5 tools that can help speed up your link building process; 

Check My Links 

This is a simple backlink tool you can use for your SEO because it comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Check My Links works as a backlink checker that helps you to identify broken links on other websites.

When you enable the extension, it would give green signals that show that a site is active, however, when it is red, it means that the link of that website is broken. 

It would help you spot out the broken links on other websites and help you to reach out to the appropriate party so you can suggest your page as an alternative. Check My Links would help you get free backlinks faster. 


UberSuggest allows you access to your competitor’s backlink data.

This is highly beneficial because it places you in a position where you can rank better by targeting the same links that your competitors use.

As a tool, UberSuggest gives you access to much data and they place you in a better position to increase your rankings. 

This tool uncovers your competitor’s domain score, source page title and URL, page score, link type and even the anchor text.

With this information, you can easily choose the backlinks that you should include in your content based on the quality. 

Broken Link Builder

This tool is an alternative that you can use if you want something different from a Google Chrome extension.

With this tool, you gain a massive advantage over your competitors because it automatically searches the web for you to discover broken links. This process is done within a matter of seconds. 

After figuring out the broken links of websites within your industry, you can begin to reach out to the site owner. If you can convince the person responsible for swapping out the links, getting your page on the site would be no hassle.

With Broken Link Builder, you can increase your popularity within the industry of your choice. 

Content Bird

Content Bird is a multipurpose tool that comes in handy for great SEO. This tool helps you research keywords suitable for your content. It also helps you track your rankings and analyse your backlink profile.

Since all the processes are important to your website, Content Bird offers great benefits that cannot be ignored. 

For building quality links, Content Bird doesn’t compromise quality.

This tool helps you discover websites with quality links. It also uncovers the backlinks of your competition and helps you target the same links. Another profitable feature is that it offers email ticket system integration that helps you reach out to web owners. 

To crown it all, this tool has a team member collaboration feature making it a perfect choice for companies that have multiple people in charge of link building.

With Content Bird, you can symphonise content and link building. 


This tool is best suited for you if you want to rank for local search terms.

Whitespark keeps you laser-focused on accessing the information that would help you improve the citations of your website.

With this tool, you have access to multiple opportunities that would place you in a position to get backlinks of high quality. 

Whitespark offers guest posting opportunities, donations, reviews, access to professional organisations and directories. It helps you expand your network and gain useful relationships with experts in your field. For your local area, it brings you in contact with those that can popularise your site. 


These are five different tools that can make link building faster and more effective for you.

However, you still have to choose the perfect tool for your website based on your specific needs, that way you can improve the general performance of your website. 

In A Nutshell

Investing in effective SEO strategies is expensive and getting backlinks is just one out of many.

If you can get the cost for earning backlinks out of the picture and still rank high on Google, it is a win-win situation.

This is why you must take this process seriously by employing conscious effort to improve your website. 

Gaining website authority has enormous benefits that you must focus on when getting backlinks.

Regardless of how tasking the process might seem, remember that you can only find gold when you dig deep enough.

Luckily, we have identified easy ways for you to get your backlinks, all you have to do is put in the work.

Then, you can wear a bright smile while your site skyrockets on search engines. 


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