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8 Legiit Services That Every Business Needs Right Now!

When you need it done fast and cheap, you go to Legiit.

The brainchild of SEO expert Chris M. Walker, CEO of SuperstarSEO.

An online marketplace where every service offered starts at a price of just $5.

Essentially, Legiit is like Fivver, but better.

Typically, the basic service is $5 with the opportunity for the business owner to purchase upgrades and upsells to make the service more comprehensive.

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How Legiit Works

First, you head over to Legiit.com and search for the type of service that you need.

You’ll get a wide array of service providers to choose from. Have a read through the reviews and once you’ve chosen who you wish to work with, you can simply press “add to cart”.

You’ll be asked a few questions about your project, answer them in as much detail as possible, and press the start order button.

Alternatively, you can upload your project requirements to the Legiit ‘jobs’ system and freelancers will bid on your project.

Whatever route you take, within a few days, you’ll have a completed project.

As simple as that, you’ve outsourced a business task for $5, which would normally cost you a lot more.

So, what kind of business tasks can you actually outsource on Legiit?

And how will these Legiit services help you grow your business?

Here’s are my are 8 best Legiit services from freelancers who I have personally used and recommend.

Before we start…

You may be asking, Have you really used these services?

YES! Every single service I have personally tested for either my own websites or for projects I’ve run for my clients.

So let’s get started!

The 8 Best gigs on Legiit right now!

    1. RankZilla PBNs from FreddyEdmonds

      Just $67 – Order Now

      Legiit PBNs Service

      This is the only service you’ll ever need to get your keywords to Google’s front page.

      Don’t believe me?

      Read the gig description and the results are there to be seen…

      As you may or may not know, PBN’s Are the nuts at boosting your keywords through Google rankings.

      In this service, you get 12 keyword-focused, High TF 15-30, permanent PBNs with a unique 500-word article written by native speakers.

    2. Content Writing & Blog Posts by AmberSEO

      Just $15 – Order Now

      Legiit SEO content writing

      Need SEO Optimised Content?

      Well, with Amber you’d of landed yourself in the right place!

      She has worked with 1000’s clients for their entire On-Page Optimisation.

      This service is perfect for optimised landing pages or blog posts as well as website content.

      However you plan to use the content is completely up to you, Amber will optimise it to be ready to go the send you a word document so all you need to do is just copy and paste, then add a few images.

    3. Press Releases by SpinePR

      Just $95 – Order Now

      Press Release Legiit SpinePR

      Press Releases have been used by numerous SEO agencies and individuals to boost their page rankings for years.

      It’s a best-kept secret within the larger agencies.

      Basically, PR just works.

      SpinePR is bar far the best Press Release service out there and has proven time and time again to be able to nail great results.

    4. Local Business Citations by MakingOnlineEasy

      Just $25 – Order Now

      Legiit citations

      Get Your Online Business/Brand Listed on Premium High-Quality Local Directories

      In turn, Boost Your Online Visibility, Gain Traffic, Google Trust, Link Juicee and SERP Ranking Boosts

      A local directory is a website that is maintained like an online version of a yellow pages book.

      A local directory on the Internet will contain a list of businesses that operate in a localized region. Such local directory sites usually have fantastic Page Rank (Upwards of 3+) and also have great Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) in Google and other search engines.

      What this essentially means is that a listing in these directories will mean that your site will receive traffic, backlinks, and also a ranking boost, all at the same time.

    5. Organic Instagram Growth by SocialSEO

      Just $5 – Order Now

      Legiit instagram growth

      Want to grow your account? Searching for new followers?

      You are in the right place!

      If you are looking to grow your Instagram followers with real people, SocialSEO will help you to build your brand online by Growing your Instagram account professionally.

    6. Real Curated Niche Edit (RD100+) Backlinks from SerpWolf

      Just $40 – Order Now

      SEO & Web Design

      We all know Curated Links (Niche Edits) are the best thing since sliced bread.

      Nothing comes close to the raw, sheer power of these links.

      Why? Well, Serpwolf goes and does outreach on your behalf to real webmasters who own real sites.

      They then work with them to secure you a link in existing content.

      Finally, they secure the link, which in turn will ping Google to get it re-indexed and re-cached, this often takes a few weeks as it isn’t something that happens overnight.

      The results are phenomenal and speak for themselves!

    7. On-Page SEO Audit by Superstar SEO

      Just $10 – Order Now

      SEO & Web Design

      Them: “I have sent guest posts, PBNs, social signals, and everything else and my site is STILL stuck on page #2!”

      Me: “How is your on-site SEO?”

      Them: “Its perfect! All the lights in Yoast are green!”

      :: Looks at their Site –  finds all kinds of problems ::

      Me: “Here is your problem. Fix this, wait a while then lets re-asses”

      The above conversation has happened WAY too many times.

      Does that describe you?

      If it does… it’s not your fault. It’s an easy fix.

      This technical on-site SEO audit will guide you through everything to get those errors fixed in no time at all.

    8. Bonus Services that I offer on Legiit

      From $24 – Order Now

      Legiit SEO packages

      Ok, So I guess this one may be a bit of a copout!

      However, I’m also on Legiit and believe that I do offer the best service for the niche areas I work within.

      From Web Hosting & Web Design to the Ultimate New Content Done For You Rank Package.

      Take a look at what I could do for your business.

      Legiit is also the only place I offer set price Gigs, and generally cheaper than through my consulting!


The truth is: I love Legiit.

I’ve worked with some very mega freelancers and professionals on the platform. I’ve used all of the best Legiit gigs in this list myself.

However, Legiit does have its limits, naturally.

If you’re looking for fully managed done for you SEO, then you’re not going to find it on Legiit.

However, if you’re looking for something right now, whether that’s a quick logo design, or find people to write your blogs for you, or any of the services listed above, then Legiit is the perfect partner for your business.

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