About Me

Hi! I'm Scott Latham

A done for you SEO and Web Designer with 15 years of experience in driving traffic to my clients’ websites and social outlets.

I’m passionate about helping businesses be successful online.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried hundreds of strategies, software, and hosting solutions. Some have failed, Some I’ve learned from and some have blown out of control to drive visitor traffic through the roof.

The one thing I’ve learned most is that each success follows three main steps:

SEO & Web Design

Dedicated Hosting

Super-powered, 100% dedicated WordPress hosting, support, site management, optimisation, and Award-Winning tools & plugins. Built with search engine rankings in mind.

WordPress Web Design

It may sound obvious but without a well designed and SEO focused website, ideally built on WordPress, your online traffic is going to be suffering.

Quality Search Optimisaton

With a well designed and SEO-focused website, it’s time to optimise your content for SEO. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, there’s so much more to search optimisation.

Trusted worldwide

Choosing which web designer to trust with your online business growth is a big decision. I’ve been trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, SEO’s, and digital marketing leaders because I understand their needs.
Scott is one of the most unique, awesome, and professional web designers I've used!
I already have an established photography business but the resources and information provided on Scott's blog have pushed my marketing, I'm now spending less, but making more!
Completely OUTSTANDING! Working with Scott is just a great experience that comes with fantastic results! Totally a game changer!
Absolutely awesome service, much more than I could of wished for and the design is top-notch.

My Environmental Conscience

I’m incredibly environmentally conscious and the impact my business will have on the world’s carbon footprint. My goal is for my business model to be totally green by 2025. In the meantime, I’m are taking huge steps to offset my carbon footprint and enhance the world’s environment. Take a look at some of the steps I’m taking below.

SEO & Web Design

By using the Ecosia search engine, together we can help plant trees as you search for business supplies!

SEO & Web Design

Yes, even our bums are environmentally conscious! Our toilet “rolls” with Who Gives a Crap.

SEO & Web Design

Ecotricity, the UK’s leading green energy supplier and powers my office electricity & gas utilities.

SEO & Web Design

Through my Search Engine & WordPress  hosting sales, we’re planting trees with the support of Ecologi.

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